Gardening when you aren’t entirely sure how… The best way to learn something is to have a go right?

I was always bemused when friends say I have green fingers or ask my opinion about plants and gardens. I suspect that I’m known as the one in the gang that gardens. It’s true I am that ‘one’.

I think I’ve gained this title purely because I moved home to a massive and really lovely garden. A happy accident indeed. You can check out the plan I’ve scribbled on this page. That’s where friends generally find me and I guess I do get quite animated when relaying various triumphs or tribulations in the borders or veg patch.

When it came to the care of this lovely plot we jumped straight in with rose coloured glasses (no pun intended). Soon enough we realised we were a little out of our depth. It took 7 hours to mow the lawns and we nearly severed limbs trying to trim the 15 foot tall 5 foot deep Laylandii. One of many of these huge hedges that dot around the garden.

So in truth I only know about gardening, perhaps if you compare me to someone that has never done it at all. But over the five years we have been here we’ve kept this lovely old plot going and I feel like I have hit some kind of stride. I love the garden and can share all the ups and downs as each season goes by.

If you’ve never gardened before and get overwhelmed by all the literature out there, the fancy names and all the multitude of jobs, seasons, types, methods, then why not follow and like me just have a go at it. If you like fresh air and want to keep a garden going year round without getting too technical, then I promise it’s easier than it seems.

The walled garden, my favourite part.