Feed the Birds

This has been one of the most successful nifty little Scandi items I have ever bought. Purchased a while ago at my favourite shop Hus and Hem in Ledbury. It’s by Born in Sweden.

It’s so simple. Just a clear cup that suctions on to the window. We fill it with Peckish bird feed and the birds come in droves. We’ve had a squirrel or two as well but they can’t get to it so far (I’m amazed at that)! Although it is quite funny when you see a squirrels face pop up over the window sill when doing the washing up. I especially like a little Robin that wanders up and down. I spill plenty of seeds when filling the cup so we get masses of birds cleaning up the window sill and flower pots underneath.

It takes a little while for the birds to find their new snack spot after you fill it for the first time. Be patient, they will come. It’s easy to assemble and reassemble for a clean every now and then. After a while the birds get used to the fact that there are people in the kitchen and don’t find us quite so frightening so we feel like we have front row seats to their busy lives.

The kids adore it and we have quite a community of Robins, Sparrows and Blue Tits that come and raid the feeder. The Sparrows are the funniest because they come in droves and have regular punch ups over the treats.

One of the best things about encouraging birds in the garden is the song. The garden is alive with birdsong from dawn to dusk and the hedges and bushes in the garden are full of nests and fledglings. Everywhere is full of life.

This year I am definitely going to be on the look out for more ways to encourage nature into the garden so watch this space.