Barn Doors

The kids are always wanting to paint and although I’m pretty relaxed most of the time, the paint wielding bravado of a three year old, does leave me nervous and sweaty inside the house. After I found a little pink and orange hand print on my linen curtains I banished paint to the barn outside.

As for me there are always creative projects I want to do around the house, garden and barns, but I rarely have time. One project I’ve had in mind for ages is painting the barn doors. So this bank holiday we began and little by little transformed the black barn doors to classic French Grey on the outside and bonkers on the inside!

I particularly like this kind of thing because it is just the beginning and can be added to all the time, making it better and better. Every play date we have now will likely involve painting the barn door and the kids think it is brilliant. I’ve even thought I might decoupage part of it or use gilt and size. The sky’s the limit.