Divide and Conquer

Last year I really got into the swing of moving things around and dividing plants. Only the easier stuff of course, but it paid dividends and although I wasn’t terribly confident it did seem very easy and it worked. I would love to trot down to the garden centre every other week, but once I am there I would spend a fortune. Therefore dividing what you have is a perfect way to get more plants.

A hero of the borders here is Sedum. We have lots of them dotted around and they are really good eggs. They come back every year (tick), are a good size (tick), bees love them (yet another tick). They are one of the first plants to wake up in the Spring as juicy green shoots, then have lovely pink flowers and finally they last all through the Winter as a brown pop of seed heads making the borders look interesting in the duller months.

Wearing frost with style!

So having watched a You Tube video I thought I would have a stab (with a spade) at dividing one of the bigger clumps. Genuinely if I can do it, I reckon practically anyone can. I’m not known for my dexterity or precision when wielding sharp objects*, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

*At school when I took part in javelin on sports day the onlookers nervously stepped back several paces.

But anyway here is a nice easy short guide. You will need secateurs, a watering can, a fork and a spade.

  1. Cut off all the seeds heads.
  2. Get your garden fork and dig up your sedum (try not to think of that bit in the BFG when he says he can hear plants screaming)!!
  3. Once the plant is out of the ground grab your spade and slice in half with a good brute swing, they are tougher than they look. Then go again with as many segments as you can manage without making a right mess.
  4. Next take your pieces and get them back in the ground again by digging a hole large enough to make them comfy, add compost if you fancy, tuck them in and give them a good water.

So that’s that. I’m going to be watering the new and moved plants regularly and have fingers and toes crossed that this works.