Tree Rescue

A note on how robust nature can be: I’m so happy this little Witch Hazel was looking so bonny this Winter. The image below is from about a year ago. He’s in there, but you can’t see him, just a twig. He was squashed completely flat when this wall tumbled.

These ancient dry stone walls are really beautiful but very old and we had two drop in the baked dry, then streaming wet conditions of late 2019. We managed to rebuild one in early 2020, but not the other before the various lockdowns. I have an amazing friend who is a wizard with this kind of artisan work. He comes to stay, as he lives a couple of hours away and we have a good laugh. I’m waiting and waiting until this is permissible again and we can find a date, fingers crossed for May 2021. Meanwhile the tonne bag of sharp sand I bought for the job is providing entertainment for the kids. We are on the second bag now as they’ve already buried through and distributed the first around the garden.

So back to Mr Witch Hazel. He was flat to the ground and his trunk was almost clean snapped through, but he is lovely and it was a horrible shame so I staked him and then vet wrapped* all his injuries after clearing tonnes of rubble. It was worth it as soon after he burst into leaf.

*A sticky bandage used for horses, which is very handy for lots of things…

And here he is late Winter at his very prettiest.

So good for you Mr Witch Hazel. I’m very happy you made it through the rubble!